Business Outsourcing Services

Delivering End-to-end solutions for complete policy holder life cycle management.


CAMSRep center in over 260 plus locations across India act as a point of presence for both policy holders and sales on behalf of insurance companies. This plug and play model can act as a virtual centre for the insurer, while their customers and sale force can transact with no CAPEX investment

  • Receiving and processing New Business application forms
  • Handling policy Holders Queries & Request
  • Renewal, Premium collection and Banking

The CAMSRep centralized back office provides technology solutions enabling cost effective end-to-end management for all business-related activity. The Shared service model enables effective management and addresses every business requirement.

Applications received across multiple pockets of locations are executed at the central back office of CAMSRep

  • Data Digitalization, Pre Policy Issuance**, Requirement Management and Post Policy Issuance
  • Pre Issuance Calling/Welcome Calling/Engagement Calling
  • Coordinate with IR for electronic policy issuance

CAMSRep has a team of experienced and qualified professionals that have the ability to manage the agency life cycle. The well-defined and tested system ensures seamless processing of agent application forms.

CAMSRep customise solutions for banks to manage the on boarding of Specified persons

  • Application Imaging at location across India
  • Pre-Licence services such as URN generation, training & exam co-ordination and welcome kit generation
  • Post Licence Services such as Agent details change, Commission computation, Pay-out Management and Agent productivity reporting

CAMSRep focused Revenue Cycle Management services for life insurance companies to effectively manage revenue from renewal. Analytic driven to identify opportunity for improving collection efficiency and thereby reduce cost of collection.

Integrated CRM iCARE across calling, F05 and communication engine with strategically placed Call centers across Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad & Kolkata, CAMSRep caters to regional calling requirements, both inbound and outbound. Backed up with state-of-the-art technology and experienced analytics team, CAMSRep has been successfully delivering real value for large insurance companies.

  • Analytics to identify customer segments
  • Use multiple modes of communications
  • Improved collection effectiveness
  • Database enrichment & MIS Reports

Leveraging our status as repository, CAMSRep accesses the core system of the insurer and offers cost effective Policy Owner Services for both financial and non-financial transactions. While our locations across India act as centers for accepting the policy owner service requests, the integrated centralized back office has the requests executed.

  • Acceptance of Policy Service Request at CAMSRep call centers across India
  • Image based execution of the service at the back office
  • Robust multi level checking to ensure quality
  • Regulated entity
  • Governance and Compliance focused
  • Scalable and Reliable
  • Data confidentiality
  • Technology origination capability





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