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It’s the festive season! Wondering what to gift your near ones this new year? Want to be different and gift them something they can treasure for a life time? Go eco-friendly and choose from a wide range of gifts, from baskets to bed sheets, torches to watches! Glance through, for more details and do your bit as a socially conscious citizen!

Indian Gifts and Handicrafts

Presenting an intriguing kaleidoscope of handcrafted jewelry, Indian antique handicrafts, Indian decorative items, Indian gifts, sculptures and other handmade crafts. This site is a 'complete handicraft hub' carrying elaborate notes on anything and everything that falls under the purview of the Indian Handicrafts Industry; the techniques and methods employed in the making of these craft pieces, materials used, detailed process descriptions, organizations and bodies supporting the handicrafts industry, updates on trade shows and exhibitions, easy access directory of suppliers and manufacturers and much more. Capturing the many shades of the multi-hued Indian handicrafts industry, the vast information has bean encapsulated under various heads and subheads, for easy navigation.

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Candles, Furniture and more

Gifts could be exchanged at any and every occasion. Special occasions are waited upon as opportunities to receive and present gifts. Presents and parcels, always find a ready and eager audience, in children and adults alike. Not restricted to family and friends, gifts have also made their way into the corporate world, with corporate gifts and promotional gift items forming a sizable bulk of an already brimming market. India is a large and growing centre for gifts and gift items today. Overseas, it is gift articles like brassware, EPNS Ware and silverware handicrafts which find immense popularity. These largely consist of candle stands, Christmas ornaments, home furnishings, figurines, antiques and other collectibles and decoratives. This site has a vivid collection of gift suppliers, exporters, importers and specialized manufacturers.

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Gift a Plant

For those looking for more green gifting options, Log on to Pallavi Jain’s to send plants as gifts anywhere in India.

Jain’s passion for plants is evident from the way the 29-year-old graduate in Information Technology from Delhi University gushes over her mini-nursery. “My parents run a vermicompost unit in our home in Chandigarh. And our backyard was full of plants. I have always loved nature and enjoyed taking care of the plants,” she says, pointing to a dwarf chilli plant in a red pot. In September 2008, Jain took her interest online, launching the site with an initial investment of approximately Rs. 4 lakh. Till December she didn’t meet with much success but things looked up when she moved to Delhi this January. In the past six months she has got over 150 orders, thanks to word-of-mouth-publicity, promotional sales at the Select Citywalk Flea market and other venues in the city.

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