In recent times, the issue of saving the environment has taken on serious proportions around the world. Over the years human activity has taken its toll on our planet and climate change is no longer a problem to be faced in the future. However, while substantial damage has already been done, we can yet prevent further damage.

At CAMS, we have launched our own Go Green movement. As part of this, we are encouraging customers and the community to take those small steps that can collectively result in making our world a better place. These Green investment steps include:
  • Encouraging email over paper statements
  • Introducing the consolidated Portfolio statement across multiple funds instead of separate statements
  • Sending statements as inland letters instead of the traditional envelope and letter
  • Recycling printer cartridges
  • Using double side printers
  • Encouraging customers to transact online, to save on fuel and electricity.
Saving on paper checks deforestation and online transaction helps reduce carbon footprint.

We invite you to join the CAMS’ Go Green initiative, so we can work together towards a sustainable future for Planet Earth.